Regency San Marino



Regency was founded in 1987 as an initiative of the current president and two Japanese colleagues, one of whom is now general manager of all operations in the Far East. Up to that time, the team had operated as strategic consultant in projects and joint ventures involving the most prestigious companies in the fashion sector, from Gucci to Dolce and Gabbana, from Armani to Trussardi. A series of inter-disciplinary consultations in the field of tourism opened the view to broad potentials in niche tourism markets as yet unexplored at that time; hence, the birth of a company specialised in tourism and especially in destination weddings in Italy.

Regency San Marino


Regency San Marino SRL is the leading company in the Regency Group, which today counts various companies across 4 different nations and provides its customer-oriented services thanks to 24 wedding planners and travel counsellors of 8 different nationalities.

Regency collaborated with the Italian Authorities in 1987 in order to establish the exact procedures and paperwork necessary for foreigners to marry in Italy. It was the first wedding planning agency to work with the City Hall of Florence (Palazzo Vecchio) making it possible for foreigners to marry legally in Italy. Within Regency, the work carried out cannot be compared to that which is traditionally performed by a tour operator. Indeed, the group’s strategic objective is to provide clients with effective tourism and organisational consultations and assistance. The keys to Regency’s success have been, and continue to be, human resources and personnel training. Thanks to these factors, for example, today we are the leading company, both quality-wise and quantity-wise, in the field of weddings for foreigners in Italy, with approximately 500 weddings per year (and approximately 300 in the rest of Europe), we have exclusive management rights for tour and land services relating to the events of important companies world-wide and we are leaders in a very specific niche market such as that of tourism for disabled persons. Our challenge is to provide consultations and assistance also using technologically avant-garde tools and to be market precursors by becoming a company that designs and applies new methods of providing our tourism clients with assistance, reclaiming an increasingly sincere, human and direct approach.